chocolate monster

My chocolate consumption is getting out of hand…

First chocolate oatmeal, then spontaneous batches of chocolate-peanut-butter cookies! [At least it was just a half-batch, and I have some packed up to give away…]

This is why I need a job. Boredom baking is fun and all, but uh, I’m going to need to do a lot of cross-country skiing to balance things out!

Anyway, the cookies turned out pretty well…followed this recipe exactly except used melted Earth Balance instead of canola oil, and reduced the sugar to 1/4 cup total.

At least today’s oat bran didn’t include chocolate…

Pink for Valentine’s Day. I guess?

Melted frozen raspberries and a bit of kefir mixed in made for a surprisingly tart concoction!

S’more photos from walks in the neighbourhood…

Psychadelic Abraham Erb Grist Mill sign!

I’m still doing ashtanga every other day which feels GREAT. Obviously some days are stronger than others, but in general I feel able to go further into certain asanas (like revolved triangle and warrior 3…why is that pose so hard?!), my backbends are progressing, and I’m working slowwwwwly towards handstand. Who knows if I’ll ever get there, but trying never hurts!

Here’s a nice, smoooooth tune for those sun salutations: Sutphin Boulevard by Blood Orange

4 thoughts on “chocolate monster

  1. But, but, chocolate monsters are the best kind! Haha. I enjoy chocolate a lot, but my brother and boyfriend are even bigger chocolate fans and they would go batty for those cookies! They look SO good. So fudgy and plump 😀 And now that you mention frozen raspberries, I really want some now. Over the weekend I ate myself silly with blackberries and strawberries!

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