coffee and [no] cigarettes

Well, it has been confirmed: cross-country skiing is a serious workout! Even with copious amounts of post-ski stretching, my quads and adductors (I think?) were a-burnin’. It’s also a lot of fun, especially when the snow is fresh, the tracks are set, and the skies are blue!

We skied at Camp Mercier, a cross-country ski/snowshoeing centre about 40 min north of Québec City, in the Réserve faunique des Laurentides. I would highly recommend it as there are numerous different loops, with both beginner and advanced skiers in mind, as well as small huts at intervals where one can warm up, re-wax the skis, and refuel. The scenery is lovely, with snow-covered evergreens and tree-covered hills rising in the background. There were some seriously good skiers there, with a few passing me like I was standing still! I do admire those sporty québeckers.

Photos to follow, since I am without camera cord at the moment.

Since returning home, I’ve been consuming mainly coffee, monstrous fruit and spinach smoothies, and hearty salads with mixed greens, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and avocado.

A mud-like smoothie made of banana, baby spinach, almond milk, plain yoghurt, and mixed frozen berries.

Same thing in a different vessel, topped with granola.

Snackity snack…

Fun fact: I squirreled away packets of Nutella from the caf (or refectory, as the Brits call it) at Oxford-Brookes University last spring and somehow this one arrived home with me and had been living in my backpack ever since. Of course I still ate it…who wastes Nutella?

Dried roses and magazines on the dining room table 🙂

Oh yeah, the title of this post refers to the oddball skits from Jim Jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes”, which my dear sister introduced me to.

Image from

My favourite so far is the one with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits in a cafe somewhere in California:

On another note, I’ve decided that this summer I must attend at least a few grand music festivals. Here is the list of contenders so far (not taking into account cost at this point).


Austin Psych Fest
NYC Pop Fest
Sasquatch at the Gorge, near Seattle
Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR
Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle

And in the home country:

Wolfe Island Music Fest in Kingston, ON
Montreal Jazz Fest
Vancouver Folk Fest
Osheaga in Montreal, QC
All Caps on Gibraltar Point, Toronto (assuming this happens again)

**Any advice from serious festival-goers would be much appreciated!**


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