i am a banana

Saturday afternoons often bring upon the baking itch.

I opted for that old standby, banana bread with nuts and chocolate chips…this is a difficult one to mess up.

See Joy of Baking for recipe (I followed it exactly, except for reducing the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup and adding 1/2 cup semisweet choc chips along with the walnuts)

Two additional ways to consume baby spinach, other than the ubiquitous GREEN (or purply-brown, in my case) smoothies: alongside a veggie burger and avocado…

Or in a vegetable dumpling soup (with peas, corn, and lots of pepper):

Went for a nice, late-afternoon walk in Trinity-Bellwoods – it’s a bit desolate this time of year,  but still pleasant enough.

Walkin’ west…

Coffee stop at TAN! Gosh, I love this place. Every time I go, it’s neither too quiet nor too packed, there’s always a stack of NOW/Grid/Exclaim papers to read, and the baristas are actually friendly.

It’s not cheap, but the espresso drinks are divine (not that I know a lot about espresso, but their shots seem to provide a good balance of bitter and sweet, and they do some rather artistic foam art), AND they have both cortados and flat whites in the menu, which are not so easy to come by in Toronto.

*End plug*

I was hoping to grab a pain au raisin from Clafouti, but ’twas too late in the day. Another time!

No walk along West Queen West is complete without a stop at Sanko Trading Co., a delightful store mainly selling Japanese kitchenware, food, and drink.

I could not leave empty-handed, so I bought some new flavours of Pocky (coconut and mint)!

I have been trying to keep up le cardio after our little cross-country skiing trip…how convenient that we have an elliptical in the basement! I am allowing myself to stay home for a few extra days if I use the machine for at least 40 min/day. [Normally I don’t like to spend TOO much time at the parents’ in Toronto…I feel that at 22, I should be more independent!] I had a sweaty beast of a workout today: 45 min of intervals on levels 9 – 10, followed by some manic dancing and stretches.


One thought on “i am a banana

  1. 1. Banana bread is awesome.
    2. I miss when my brother lived in Japan because I no longer get parcels of Japanese pocky and candy every few months.
    3. Embrace enjoying your parents’ company and house! Independence doesn’t mean not being around them or not ever staying with them. Heck, I get miserable if I don’t spend at least one afternoon every weekend hangin’ with my parents (and using their internet)! 🙂

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