bombay fudge breakfast club

I’m in a bit of a “discovering new music” phase, so I’ve put together another 8tracks mix – check check it out: “Renewal” mix

Also I finally got to see Bombay Bicycle Club live (um, let’s not speak of that fact that we arrived a bit more than fashionably late and missed some of their set) and they really are an excellent live band! Hopefully they will be back in Toronto soon and I can see an ENTIRE SET. Hmph. (Since when do concerts end before 11pm? Ridicule.)

Here they are doing an acoustic song at Sonic Boom last year – lovely bunch, aren’t they?

So, besides that little concert mishap, things have been a bit more uplifting. Spending time in Toronto where there are actually things to do (as well as an elliptical machine and a piano…favourite things) is good for me. I am back in Waterloo now, but I’m putting more effort into job applications now in the hopes of being able to move out in the next month of two.

On that note of positivity, I tagged along with some friends to a Birthday potluck last night and we made the BEST oat fudge bars (inspired by Starbucks – we think they were more delicious, though).

Only two were left by the time I got around to photographing.

Recipe from Natalie’s Killer Cuisine

The Birthday girl had no complaints!


To continue on this deeply chocolaty theme:

PB&C oat bran! Beurre d’arachide, poudre de cacao, et framboises.

Simple fried egg with curry hummus for Sunday breakfast.

With some raspberries and kefir for sustenance.

I actually hunkered down and complete a few job applications today. I’ve got to just keep at it and stop getting discouraged when I don’t hear back (giving up is a major problem of mine).

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