thrifty mcgee

Fruitful visits to the thrift store make me pleased. For about $10, I procured a lovely bird plate and pair of earrings:

…and a solid pair of brown boots that fit my oddly-shaped feet!

I wish the toe was a bit pointier, but overall a great find! KW > Toronto when it comes to affordable thrift/vintage stores, I think. In Toronto I just ogle at things that are nice but so expensive considering they are second-hand (except for Stella Luna at Queen and Roncesvalles, because that place is just amazing).


A couple of friends and I have embarked on a “no white foods” challenge (basically no sugar, white flour, or dairy products) for the next week, so I have been ingesting even more fruits and vegetables than usual. Fun! Such as this childhood favourite of a snack, ants on a log:

Craisins instead of raisins.

I have probably been exceeding my daily beta-carotene needs by several hundred percent due to this soup that I just can’t stop eating! Butternut squash and white bean soup from “How It All Vegan”:

It’s supposed to be garnished with chives, but I couldn’t find any so I used pea shoots instead. Nice and earthy! I also added some spinach because you can never have too much spinach. Hence the odd greenish tinge.

Soup de doop.

More squash! Roasted the leftover half for lunch…so good with peanut butter and cinnamon.

Je vais surement me transformer en courge un de ces jours!


One thought on “thrifty mcgee

  1. That bird plate is GORGEOUS! ❤ I have such a weakness and obsession for cute kitchenware, dishes, accessories, etc. And dude, high five on the pea sprouts! I just started eating them a few weeks ago after seeing them at the supermarket. I love sunflower sprouts so I figured I'd enjoy pea sprouts too and I do!

    That's awesome that you're doing the challenge with a bunch of friends, I hope the change works out for you and everyone else! How long are you doing the challenge?

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