biking and blahs

I haven’t cooked anything interesting in a while, but I HAVE been spending lots of time on la bicyclette.

Very good.

I am continuing my streak of mad reading…this book is wonderful so far. I read a LOT of novels about immigrants in Toronto, I realize.

Reading outdoor/travel mags only seems appropriate in weather like this.

A little pique-nique on a rickety table in the backyard: daal, naan, salad. Trifecta of goodness.

Evening “lake” shot. Very peaceful out here!

Okay, so I’m going to rant about job hunting for a minute.

I just got rejected from two jobs that I felt I was very qualified for: an environmental data specialist, and a walking tour guide. The first one I kind of understand, because urban planning isn’t exactly the same as environmental studies/ecology. However, two of my co-op jobs involved basic data management, so I thought that might be enough. Anyway.

But the second job I was pretty upset about, because HOW AM I NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A TOUR GUIDE? Okay, I don’t have teaching experience, but I know Toronto inside and out, am confident public speaking, and thought that my urban planning degree would be an asset.

I just keep on failing and failing, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay positive and confident in my education and abilities when I can’t even get jobs that a first-year student should be able to get.

Plus, I haven’t even heard back from grad school, so I’m pretty sure that I’m about to be rejected from that too.

Thank goodness the sun is shining and the bike is working, otherwise I would be buried half-deep in a hole of sadness and self-pity at this point.

Oh, here’s some weird music to go with the dejected mood:

It’s a good yoga tune, too.


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