nana bread

Just finished applying to two more transportation planning jobs – one in Ottawa, one in San Francisco (hey, dream big, right?). Really really hoping I hear something positive soon.

Let me just say that having very few “professional connections” makes things exponentially tougher. One of my major goals in graduate school is to get to actually get to know my professors/PhD students so that I give myself a better chance at getting a sweet research job afterwards! I made the rookie mistake of being too intimidated/thinking I wasn’t smart enough to speak to profs during undergrad and that has certainly hindered my current job searching. Silly me.

Too bad I can’t just bribe people with banana bread.


Just a simple loaf with walnuts, craisins, and oat bran. Recipe from Joy of Baking (I subbed oat bran for some of the flour to give it a heartier texture).

So I discovered that Greek yoghurt and oat bran don’t really mix. Looks ok, right?

But it tasted very strange. Next time I’ll stick to my trusty almond butter for protein/fat!

Oh well, it was worth a try.

I’ve recently started listening to Amadou et Mariam and their music kind of blows my mind! Very much looking forward to seeing them at Osheaga.


2 thoughts on “nana bread

  1. Ugh yes, the dreaded networking! It only gets worse once you’re actually working *shudders* Maybe just hand out this bread and then the jobs will come flying your way? 😛

  2. If I were a professor, I would totally allow myself to be bribed by banana bread…

    Best of luck with the job application, Sarah!! I hope you get the SF one…then you’ll be one step closer to me in LA! xD

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