leaving blues

I’m suddenly feeling rather attached to my apartment & neighbourhood in Waterloo…of course this always happens when one is about to move away! Anyway, thought I’d take advantage of the perfect spring weather and take photos of some of my favourite places here.

The Huether Hotel. Love that fire escape! Great second floor patio as well.

The Jane Bond, a gem of a neighbourhood bar. Consistently awesome sangria, music, and people!

Dear old Starlight. I saw probably 15 good concerts here over my 4.5 years in Waterloo.

Waterloo Bowling Lanes.

Fire escape obsession.

The Princess Cafe and Cinema. I love the fact that there are two independent theatres 5 min away from where I live!

Everyone seems to love this little white house! It looks especially charming on winter evenings.

Waterloo Park! A lovely place for running, sprawling on the grass, watching cricket, picnicking, reading under a tree, and late night playground shenanigans.

[Side note/mini book review: Maggie Helwig is a fantastic writer. This book is centered on the relationship between a journalist and an interpreter against the backdrop of the trials at the Hague following the Balkan Wars in the early 1990s. It’s one of those books that manages to be both horrifying and beautiful. I found it a bit difficult to keep track of all the characters when the plots started to intertwine, but overall the connections between people, places, and events were fascinating.]

Hallo there, bicicleta!

And to complete this rather scattered post, here are two things I have been enjoying:

1. GREEN DRINKS in a Winnie the Pooh glass, no less (spinach, banana, and almond milk)

2. Bowls of Chinese noodles with curry sauce, vegetables, tofu, and avocado. Odd combination, like most things I eat 🙂


4 thoughts on “leaving blues

  1. Oh my goodness, who would have thought that random surfing of websites would turn up a photo of my own novel … Thank you for the kind words!

    — maggie h

  2. *gasp* But how can you drink anything in a Winnie the Pooh glass that doesn’t involve honey?! 😉

    It’s lovely, sometimes, in a bittersweet way, so focus on the good things about a place you’re leaving. xo

  3. You brought back memories: that little white house on Alberta St. used to be where my childhood family doctor lived and has his office practice also. So I remember from young age to late 20’s waiting in the reception area through the front door with other patients. The doctor was Dr. Voelker who probably has died. He had a friendly nurse receptionist. Important when dealing with my immigrant parents and their 6 children.

    I used to walk by there daily to go to university and also for senior public school (MacGregor) which is only 2 blocks away for the latter.

    I feel very blessed to have grown up in liveable downtown Waterloo as a kid and into my early 20’s. We lived on a side street with now historic homes near King St. Walking distance to shopping, public transit and parks. I do plan to blog about this ….one day.

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