ravine dream

I’m leading a walking tour for an upcoming “Complete Streets Forum” in Toronto, to be held at the Evergreen Brickworks. Learning the trail gave me the incentive to do a bit of biking in the Moore Park/David Balfour Park ravine system!

Just slightly lost!

If I end up staying in Toronto for the summer, I should seriously spend more time exploring its endless ravines.

I swung by the Green Living Show at Exhibition Place yesterday, enjoyed many many samples of “eco friendly” food, drink, beauty and cleaning products, etc, and then went for a nice waterfront stroll with a friend! Early evening light = many photo ops.

When I was young and silly, I desperately wanted to go all urban explorer in the Canada Malting Silos…then I read about it and realized it would involve scaling barbed wire fences and potentially falling off a ladder to my death (I am no ninja, unfortunately).

No, I will stick to boring and safer past-times, like strolling and taking cellphone pics.

Music garden 🙂 A very peaceful spot.

Ravines and waterfronts. What more can one ask for?

Recently, my favourite workout tunes have been of the fun, bouncy, 80s-inspired variety. Like dis!

Probably going to see these guys in Toronto next week…but only if I’m brave enough to tackle the intimidatingly fashionable Wrongbar crowd 😛

One thought on “ravine dream

  1. Take me on the tour if I ever come visit again! It doesn’t sound boring at all…and I would rather keep my life than go on a thrilling daredevil stunt! 🙂

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