let’s go

Hurrah, I finally got meself a job! It’s in Ottawa so I’ve got to pack up and move again, but that’s okay. At least it’s a good time of year to sublet student housing on the cheap.

So I’m going to be working at an environmental non-profit organization right downtown, which is awesome. I’m a bit anxious because I only know a few people in Ottawa, but hopefully I can at least hang out with my roommates and meet people through work. I’ve been doing some vinyasa flow to calm my nerves (I get overly stressed about the process of moving, despite having done it many a time over the past few years)…

You know what I’m enthused about? Cycling along the canal! I didn’t get to do as much cycling as I had hoped to last time I worked in the area because winter came very early. So I cannot wait to partake in outdoor activities this summer. I might get to cycle on the job too, by the sounds of it. Also, I get to return to my favourite inter-galactic dance bar, Zaphod Beeblebrox! And the wonderfully hippie Umi Cafe. Live music at Raw Sugar. Beau’s beer on tap. And my work will be basically across the street from the Bytowne cinema.

Also: Canada Day in the capital! The much-raved-about Bluesfest! Being a little over two hours from both Kingston and Montreal!

Okay, I guess my happiness trumps my nerves.

To be honest, I haven’t done much cooking this past week. It’s been more of a wine in the park, baguette with hummus, cereal for dinner, kind of week. I did make a nice meal this evening, though! Split pea dhal with zucchini served over couscous with lemon and spinach:

Made a loaf of my favourite zucchini-apple-walnut bread as well:


I guess that’s all for now!



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