ottawa: the beginning

Well, I think that was the fastest transition I’ve ever made for work!
*Moved from Waterloo -> Toronto on Saturday
*Toronto -> Ottawa on Tuesday
*Started work on Wednesday

I’m so lucky to have found a sublet that started before May 1. I’m living in a fairly nice (and way larger than expected) student apartment in the Sandy Hill area near Ottawa U. My walk to work is basically five minutes long. The office is super different from any of my previous workplaces – it’s in a two-story old house that’s been renovated extensively, and the layout is fully open, so NO cubicles and YES windows! Everyone there is really interesting and friendly.

I am mostly a happy camper, except for the fact that my room is on the ground floor facing the street and is therefore BRIGHT and NOISY in the mornings, and I become grumpy Gertrude when I am woken up before 7AM. Hopefully a sleep mask and earplugs/radio will do the trick.

Unfortunately it’s been cold and rainy since I arrived, so I haven’t had the chance to take any neighbourhood photos or anything. Also, I will be sans bicyclette until next weekend…I am so antsy for bike explorations! Since I barely know anyone here, I’ll likely spend a good chunk of my after-work hours walking/jogging/cycling vast distances (and frequenting cafés, of course).

I think it’ll be nice to be on the Ottawa side of the river this time, since last time I did a co-op in the area I found living & working in Hull to be a bit inconvenient, mainly in terms of going out. Now I just need to meet a handful of cool people in the next few weeks and make fun outings happen!


3 thoughts on “ottawa: the beginning

  1. Yay, looks like you’re going to have a great time in Ottawa! Glad work is interesting.
    Ooh, I think at least part of Sandy Hill is a heritage conservation district (because I did some maps there last year).

    • Haaa being super-aware of noises in the worst! Do earplugs work for you though? I’ve just being doing the pillow-over-the-head…which limits the airflow a bit.

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