First weekend in a new city means explore galore! I logged many kilometres on foot this weekend but there’s still lots more to see.

Walking over the Rideau Canal

Colourful house in Centretown

Dundonald Park

The Chinatown arch!

Raw Sugahhh

Confederation Park

Looking over the canal towards the Parliament! I love this view.

Made my way over to the Glebe for a Vegetarian Food Fair this afternoon. Spotted this distinguished lady on a wall! I also ran into TWO people I knew which is impressive considering the minuscule pool of people I’m acquainted with in this city.

Haven’t seen one of these for a while! (in Lansdowne Park)

Patterson Creek

Gorgeous houses! Almost villa style.

Tulip Time. Speaking of those, I’m excited for the Tulips on Two Wheels event (put on by Citizens for Safe Cycling) coming up next week! Should be a nice way to meet some cyclists and maybe get a tune up.

I’m intrigued!

Never seen a set of tyres this cheerful.

Lovely meandering walk home alongside the canal.

Well, that was a nice little tour, wasn’t it?


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