i am a tourist

Even though I know parts of Ottawa pretty well, it’s fun to do touristy things when I have free time. Things like…

Post-dinner walks along the canal:

Bike tour to see the tulips! [The guide reminded me a lot of Fred Armisen…woohoo!]

The man with two hats:

Tulips in an array of colours:

Slightly odd statue:

Dow’s Lake is a lovely place! I see myself spending many summer afternoons by its side.

After a nice morning with family in Westboro Beach, my roommate and I joined a Jane’s Walk called “Parliament’s Progress: a look towards the precinct of 2032”. The guide was super knowledgeable, so even though I wasn’t seeing anything new, it was enjoyable.

Walk ‘n learn, kids.


I was hoping to do a couple more Jane’s walks, including a “foodie” tour of Hintonburg & a bike tour called “Ottawa’s Stolen Urban Waterfront” (intriguing title, no?) but I was pooped after a long week of work (well not really that long…but I’m comparing this to my life as an unemployed person with boatloads of free time). It was a very nice weekend nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “i am a tourist

  1. I was exhausted during my first few weeks of working full time. Also, the days seemed so. darn. long. They still do seem long, but I’m not as tired anymore 😛 Beautiful photos! Wish we had buildings like that here 🙂

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