simple simon

I think I’m settling into the new city and job nicely…surprisingly happy with how things are going so far, despite some minor setbacks along the way.

Things that are contributing to my new found contentment:

  • Awesome coworkers & work I actually enjoy (it is possible, hallelujah).
  • Roommate dinners. *
  • Biking, durrr (I’ll be doing a lot of it this weekend, for work and for fun!).
  • Weird songs that grow on you, like DIS.
  • Singing along to Florence! Don’t care how overblown Ceremonials is…I find it wondrous and inspiring.
  • A shelf full of interesting books (courtesy of the girl from whom I’m subletting).
  • TAN Coffee right around the corner.
  • Falling asleep to Twin Shadow.

*Hmm this kind of sounds like I am eating my roommates….rest assured this is not the case.

So yeah, sometimes simple is best. Vélo, boulot, dodo.


2 thoughts on “simple simon

  1. Colleagues can make or break a workplace, so hurrah for finding nice ones in yours! I’ve met two of my dearest friends through my workplace in the past year 🙂

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