GLORIOUS day of cycling! I didn’t have days off last weekend so my plan this weekend is to take full advantage of having nothing on my plate for three whole days by pedalling a lot.

Today’s ride was a bit of an exploratory one. I meant to go to Mooney’s Bay, which I’ve read is a great urban beach but I somehow missed the turnoff and ended up going back up the canal on the other side….whoops.

No matter, though, I will surely find it next time! I still got to see the rapids, and discovered Parc Vincent Massey.

Took a breather by the river (I constantly get the Rideau canal and river mixed up…probably one of the reasons why I’m so easily disoriented here).

Very tranquil.

Oh man, I really should bring a camera next time- these Blackberry pictures aren’t as good as they looked on the phone screen 😛

Finished up the ride in Strathcona Park.

ELLE mag, tunes, and an unpictured chocolate hazelnut cookie from Bread & Sons!

In total I biked about 30km – not too shabby, though I’d like to be doing 40+ a day on weekends eventually!

Still in a bit of a love affair with Twin Shadow’s music – had this stuck in my head throughout le bike ride:

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