one busy month!

Just realised it’s been a month since I moved to Ottawa for this new job- it has pretty much flown by, after the initial awkward-settling-in period. I really can’t complain so far and hope that good times will continue. It’s great to be able to spend time outside talking to people rather than being cooped up indoors (although it does get a bit tiring if you’re not an extroverted person).

One thing that slightly irks me is that people I meet always assume that I’m doing an unpaid internship (I guess since I’m a recent graduate in a field without great job prospects). Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but I’ve been there, done that, and would like to consider myself capable of holding a paying job now! Anyway, no biggie.

Moving along to la cuisine…I haven’t whipped up any baked goods for quite some time, but we’ve had some nice roommate dinners! Here are a couple that I remembered to photograph (albeit poorly and hastily):

Chickpeas with spinach and coconut milk.

Vegetable stew with quinoa:

Tempeh, black bean and veggie burritos on GREEN tortillas:

Some sad-looking banana-blueberry pancakes. I should really just give up on pancakes and ask my roommates to make proper ones.


Yes, I do better with making extremely basic meals like egg & avocado on toast.

My slight obsession with George Lewis Jr. continues…

Hoping to see him play in Montreal in July. It’s the weekend before Osheaga but there’s nothing wrong with Montreal two weekends in a row, is there?

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