nothing new here

It has been another bike-happy weekend – and I have the numb hands to prove it (slight ulnar nerve pinching, yessir)!

I really hope I don’t tire of cycling along the Ottawa River in the next three months – cause right now it’s just about the best part of my week.

This bridge seems very desolate and mysterious.

Saturday involved two things I enjoy very much – gelato and garage sales!

Mojito and orange-rhubarb from Stella Luna on Bank St.

The Great Glebe Garage Sale! Check out those Cher and Celine Dion posters. I mostly just looked around (not really in the market for household appliances and furniture) but I did score some nice earrings!

This band was really interesting. Wish I’d found out more about them.

And on that musical note, the new Santigold album is quickly growing on me! I think my initial dislike for it was due to the fact that I was listening on laptop speakers. With some good headphones, I dig it! Hopefully will catch them play at Osheaga – just over two months…

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