sunny daze in toronto

Spent a nice long weekend in Toronto, biking from park to park, seeing a couple of friends, consuming way too many grapes, and sweating profusely (holy humidity!).

Somehow taking the train rather than a Greyhound makes a trip home much more exciting. I love travelling along the lakeshore, feels really serene.

(Say yes to cafes that let you casually take their tableware across the street to the park…)

Riverdale Park ❤ Fierté de l’est!

White n blue.

Reading a book from Mlex at TAN on Baldwin- j’suis contente.

It is always a pleasure to ride this Panasonic Tourist around town.

My mom and I went to the Stop market at the Wychwood Barns on Saturday morning and spotted a MUSHROOM TRUCK (like the license plate?).

Would you guess that this is in the middle of Toronto? (Algae-covered pond in Wychwood Park.)

Trinity Bellwoods on a Sunday afternoon – the place to be, I guess! Now why doesn’t anyone hold a little summer music festival here , I ask you (or maybe they do and I’m just not in the know)?


One thought on “sunny daze in toronto

  1. You make the entire trip sound like an absolute joy. You’ve inspired me. I have a bike in the garage and today it’s coming out (for the first time this year) and taking me somewhere hopefully as interesting as what you’ve posted above. Delightful blog. Thanks.

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