(Compound word inspired by listening to Purity Ring.)

I just realized I’m about halfway done my contract in Ottawa and I have been leading a decidedly dull existence up until this point (with a few fun weekends here and there). Time to get a move on. At the very least, I’d like to:

1. Explore more of Ottawa and Gatineau by bike, e.g. Aylmer, Chelsea, Rockcliffe, Hintonburg/Mechanicsville
2. See some live music at legendary places like the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield and the Elmdale House Tavern in the West end
3. Do outdoorsy activities besides cycling – like kayaking, swimming, and hiking…maybe some berry picking too although I did quite enough of that on the farm last summer
4. KARAOKE at Shanghai Restaurant and NINETIES NIGHT at Babylon

One new thing I did recently was review a couple of plays for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. I will say that the quality wasn’t stellar (except Vernus Says Surprise!), but it was fun, good writing practice, and I felt a tiny bit important with my glasses and notebook…ha! Plus I got a few extra free shows, a beer mug and beer for my time. No complaints.

Can always count on the river views for inspiration!

Prescription for life’s little problems: MORE sunset bike rides.

And hangouts with sister!

I’ve got to get my butt over to Britannia Beach sometime soon. Westboro is lovely but I should challenge myself to travel further afield!

One of these days I’ll be inspired to go for evening jogs along the canal…but for now I’m happy to cycle leisurely and park myself by its side with a book or drawing pad.

Crossing the Rideau river after “helping” a friend move house…aka hanging around her new backyard, drinking wine 🙂

Oooh I have a new favourite Sunday breakfast spot…I Deal Coffee on Dalhousie & Bruyere. Delicious dark roast + cranberry scone + Steinbeck = good start to the day. The patio is a teeny bit noisy, though!

Okay, mission for this month: STOP BEING SUCH A SNORE. And if all fails, Osheaga the first weekend of August should bring some excitement to my life!

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