Ha-hah! I am already feeling decidedly less “slumpy” after a day full of work (including running errands by bike – my favourite), an afternoon bike ride to the Experimental Farm, eating dinner by the canal, playing keyboard, and making banana bread. See, it’s not so hard.

I stopped here for a minute on my way back from delivering something in Hull. Pretty serene, right? I love that I get to bike on the job. It’s a simple thing, but that exercise and fresh air can really makes a difference in one’s day…plus we are practicing what we preach 🙂 Why drive a short distance when you can pedal? 

I am a weirdo who takes half self portraits.

Finally got myself out for an after-work bike ride and boy was it glorious! Down the canal, past Dow’s Lake and the Arboretum and to the Experimental Farm.

Soyez sage, pas d’orage!

I do love a stormy sky and field of grass.

VELO SHADOW. Sadly my poor velo just got a second flat tire in the span of two days! I am blaming it on the Alexandra Bridge, which is wooden and perhaps has nails sticking out? I really don’t know, but I only seem to get flats when I’ve been over that bridge.

Just breathe and look up, said Kevin Drew once upon a time.

On the way home, taking a break by Dow’s Lake.

I plan to spend much time exploring them NCC pathways this long weekend! Britannia Beach, Aylmer Marina, here I come (uh, if I don’t get yet another flat tire).

Addendum: I recently discovered Ottawa Biking Problems and it basically sums up all the issues I have with cycling in Ottawa! Brilliant idea. Now we just need to figure out how to ADDRESS these problems…


One thought on “whambam!

  1. You’re absolutely right; I think really fondly of the summer months here when I was able to go gallivanting in the sunny nature reserve at midday with my friends/work colleagues; made the whole work day brighter. ‘Course, that’s before I was pulling 120 hour fortnights…. keep up your biking and your banana bread, ladyfriend!

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