lazy pants

Today has been a most unproductive Saturday, but I guess sometimes that’s bound to happen after a tiring work week. I’ve been feeling very lethargic due to the heat and think I just needed a rest day. Don’t worry, I’ll be back out covering the kms on my bike tomorrow 🙂

Cannot believe I spent almost four months before I started this job essentially lazing around – one day of doing nothing and I feel antsy as what. Speaking of ants, I have been on a bit of a killing spree (I like to palm-slap them, much to the disgust of my roommates). The buggers are really starting to get on my nerves; it’s no fun to have them running around when you’re trying to cook/do dishes. Hopefully ant traps will help.

Anyway, onto funner topics…

I did go out for a little bike ride this morning to run errands and hit up I Deal Coffee for iced coffee (with coffee ice cubes, oh yeah) and a good read (courtesy of the Ottawa Public Library)! I borrowed Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers from work and am planning to delve into that next.

Caught most of Hey Rosetta’s set at Bluesfest yesterday and then went for a very relaxing bike ride along the Ottawa River. Obviously le phone camera can’t capture the magical early-evening light but I had to try!

I rode up Parkdale Ave., through Hintonburg, and down Preston St. to get some gelato on this rather sweltering evening:

1 scoop of chocolate orange from Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana at 200 Preston St. Not bad, but it was pricier than I expected. Nice little outdoor patio, though.

I got to run a bike errand in Hull last week and took the opportunity to stroll around Vieux-Hull (also happened upon the Marché Laval, which is held on Rue Laval Thursday from 10-3). I also went to La p’tite épicerie du quartier at 158, rue Notre-Dame-de-l’Île for a delicious vegetarian pita. It’s a neat corner store that sells 20+ varieties of sandwiches for under $5! You can read more about it here.

Heyo, purple work bike!

Nice spot for a lunch break:

Vot else…oh yeah, I did an excursion  to Mooney’s Bay last weekend. The Rideau River pathway has really grown on me – it’s so green and quiet! Some sweet views, too.

The bay!

Love me some plant life.

Can’t get enough of those canal shots. Now ain’t that a pretty scene?

I just realized I only have six weeks left here – what the heck? I’m really starting to settle into this city and am really enjoying work and weekend explorations. I get nervous thinking about starting grad school in September. Plus, I have no idea where to live. I think 23 is far too old to be staying with the parents, but then again I’m not sure it’s smart to throw away $1000s on rent in Toronto. Well, I still have some time to figure it all out.

One thought on “lazy pants

  1. Agh, I hate ants! But I could never palm slap them, props. Then again I’ve been killing flies with my bare hands so I can’t talk.

    Is that a fire escape I see? Or well… stairs.

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