40k on a hot hot day

Guhhhh why must it be 30+ degrees and humid like soup every time I want to go for a longer bike ride? Ah well, at least I didn’t encounter crashing rain like I did last Sunday.

I did 40km exactly and despite feeling kind of lethargic and dehydrated towards the end, it was a good one! I went west along the Ottawa River to the Nepean Sailing Club, then back east along the river, up Parkdale Ave., along Wellington (insert a heat-induced lie-down in the park and a stop at Bridgehead for iced coffee), down Preston to Dow’s Lake, then back home along the Rideau Canal.

I don’t normally go at a very quick pace, but I decided to do some speedy intervals and it felt good to pass people in jerseys on racing bikes since  I just have a basic hybrid bike and certainly do not dress like an athlete! Listening to music – an energizing mix of Metric, Tegan & Sara, Gang Gang Dance, and Lioness – definitely helped with picking up the pace (just one earbud in, for safety).

Speaking of music, less than two weeks left until Osheaga AKA my first official outdoor music festival! I am pretty darn excited. AND my awesome friend from work can come to Wolfe Island the week after so I won’t have to go it alone – excellent. Should be two very fun weekends.

Some snaps of le bike ride:

[At Britannia Beach]


The Champlain Bridge:


I like that there are many tiny islands along this part of the river. Makes me think of this wonderful book my sister got me called Atlas of Remote Islands. I’m reading it very slowly and trying to imagine all the crazy places she writes curious blends of facts and fiction about, like Bouvet Island (the island furthest away from any other land mass) and Southern Thule (so named because it was thought to be near the end of the world!).

I trekked to MEC earlier this week and spotted some RightBikes outside! Very cool, I would definitely become a member if I was living here more permanently (and closer to the west end).

End of journey treat: a magazine and a gross artificially sweetened drink…haha. [I try not to buy these things often, but I do love me an occasional Nestea Zero/Vitamin Water after a workout.]

Capped off la journée with some pita pizza ( I love having roommates who cook and share!) and Chairlift singalongs.





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