to the marina!

I had one of the best Ottawa-area bike rides yet yesterday – it was GORGEY outside, I had tons of energy, and ended up at a pretty swell beach in Aylmer. I took it at a fairly leisurely pace since it was 30+ degrees out and covered about 44km. Pas mal, pal!


It was so nice to lie down in the sand and rest my tired feet!

Chubby little feet for the win.

There’s a neat mural under the north end of the Champlain bridge that I finally got around to photographing:

Très calme. Unfortunately by this point I was getting pretty headachey (probably due to dehydration), but dipping my feet in the river helped!



Revived by a snack and water break! Mmm oddly enough dry cereal is my fuel of choice. The blandness works for me.

I finally got around to purchasing a small daypack (from the always-reliable Mountain Equipment) and love being able to carry around more than just my wallet and phone!


Naaaaaature! (Goulet.) I hope you know to what I am referring.

So after sweating probably the equivalent of several buckets, I read in the park for a while (late afternoon light is the BEST) and then made my merry way over to a nice cafe in Centretown called Sun Cafe and Flowers. I have never been in a cafe that also sells floral arrangements and the combination is just as lovely as one would think.

Cinnamon latte + gripping read = perfectly relaxing wrap-up to the weekend.










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