festival season

Hallo! I finally got myself out of town for two weekend and it was glorious!

I went to two very different music festivals: Osheaga, a massive, Budweiser-sponsored,  big-name festival in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau, and Wolfe Island Music Fest, a much smaller non-profit event on an island 20 min away from Kingston. Different as they were, I thoroughly enjoyed both, and having been in a bit of a live-music rut, it was fantastic to see some of my favourite bands outdoors and of course experience lots of new music.

Let’s start with Wolfe Island.

Clear water, blue skies, wind turbines, and my excellent friend Jess on the ferry.

What a nice place.


Here we are!


Hangin’ out on the grass, waiting for Eight and a Half. Perfect island vibes.

The absence of large, rowdy crowds was excellent. (Except during Sam Robers…holy heck. Jess used the term “bro box” to describe the people around us.)

Rainbow tents under the afternoon sun.

Post-festival breakfast at the Sleepless Goat – deeeelicious burrito with super fresh salsa.

Now let us backtrack to last weekend at Osheaga, which was a whole lot more crowded and corporate, but actually a really good time. I hardly took any photos because, like, I was too busy enjoying the music. But here are a few!

Green Stage after Bombay Bicycle Club.

Black Lips at Tree Stage. They were energetic as what!

Young Galaxy at Tree Stage. Pleasantly surprised by them, and loved the female singer’s voice.

I think this was before A$AP Rocky…

Aaaaaand that’s about all I’ve got. Concert photographer I am not!

Here are some highlights:

*Jogging across the festival grounds to the Green Stage just in time to see Bombay Bicycle Club.
*Being packed like sardines into the main stage crowd but not caring because Florence Welch is so wonderful. I just wish I had been a part of the “raise it up” crowd participation!
*Lying down on the hill overlooking the main stages listening to the sweet sounds of Sigur Ros…never thought I would see ’em live!
*Jumping around a bit to Black Lips who played a short but very punchy set of garage rock.
*Realizing at Young Galaxy that I still love the INDIEPOP music of my late high school years…probably only in a live setting, though.
*Being surrounding by bros at Arkells – no, I don’t particularly enjoy elbows in the head but it was nice to see them so invested in live music 🙂
*The one-two punch of electronic music at Yeasayer and Little Dragon (whoa Yukimi, you rock), making Saturday my favourite day surprisingly!
*Jesus and Mary Chain!!! So I obviously would have loved to see them during their formative years, but they put on a great show and I had a good chuckle at Jim Reid fumbling over lyrics; I also love that they had a female vocalist, even though it wasn’t Hope Sandoval.
*Witnessing Katie Stelmanis’ amazing pipes at Austra. Holy cow she is powerful and has a very unique singing style…no “th”s!
*Again, witnessing a throwback to high school with Bloc Party. I definitely don’t listen to them anymore but what a crazy, energetic set! There was some excessive crowd surfing but it was all good fun.
*M83 was pretty magical last show. Sometimes the best concert experiences happen when you’re alone in a sea of music lovin’ strangers…it was kind of amazing to see people fist pumping to hazy electronic tunes!

So yeah! Those are my festival experiences for summer 2012. I was hoping to make it to Portland, OR for MusicFest NorthWest, but hey, there’s always next year. Oh, and I’m not wearing flipflops to an outdoor show ever again. Bloody, muddy feet + long metro ride and walk home = ouch! Lesson learned.









2 thoughts on “festival season

  1. Aw, Wolfe Island seemed very chill and enjoyable.

    Haha, are you sure your impression of the bro-ey ASAP Rocky crowd didn’t affect your impression of the Arkells crowd?

    Oh shucks, wish I could have seen M83 too in an outdoor setting. Maybe he/they’ll do a reunion tour in twenty years.

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