staycation in ott city

I was hoping to go for a little vacay before I dive back into school, but that will have to be put off for a while due to lack of funds! Never mind though, as the good old National Capital Region is actually a great spot for a staycation.

Started off with coffee at I Deal:

Dark roast and a raspberry scone. Gotta love their odd assortment of mugs!

I like this strip of Dalhousie St. in Lowertown. Very quiet and lost of interesting buildings. It feels like a very small town, especially when you hear church bells ringing!

Next on the agenda: a bike ride across the bridge to old Hull, where I took some pictures of CUTE HOUSES.

I love when corner stores sell unexpected things like gourmet sandwiches. They are cheap, too! $5 for a massive sandwich on Art-is-in bread. I picked up a veggie one (tomatoes, lettuce, pickled beets and cauliflower, eggplant, and fromage) for later and it definitely lasted two meals.

Biking along the river to Aylmer is my FAVOURITE. It’s such a perfect trail. Even though I’ve done it several times, it’s not boring because there are lots of little hills, twists and turns, and rather different environments along the way.

Howlin’ for you:

Sparkly river!

I almost forgot my plaid shirt on the tree. So silly.

Airing out the shoes…

Reached the beach!

Lovely, lovely agua.

You know I love taking these “plant life” photos:

It was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon.

C’est trop pittoresque.

45km in total!

I finished up my staycation with a movie at the Bytowne Cinema…there is something very soothing about seeing movies alone in a small indie cinema.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a solo day to enjoy one’s city at a relaxed pace 🙂 Now I feel positive, recharged and ready for social interaction. Hahah, I am such a hermit.


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