summer’s end

Well, my surprisingly good summer in Ottawa has come to a close. Wah. I’m really going to miss the EnviroCentre peeps, my alarmingly bright pink and red room, the parks and beaches, and those amazing river pathways.

After my last full day of work, we went over to one of my coworkers’ houses in Aylmer for a li’l bonfire in her amazing backyard. It was so much fun and a great way to end things off. We sang silly camp songs, drank sparking wine and beer, and then my super cool cyclist-musician-energyadvisor coworker and I biked back to Ottawa. OH MAN, I love night biking. One of these days I’m going to form a non-violent, singing night bike gang. Watch out!

I made sure to fill my last week with as much outdoor time as possible! (This is Westboro beach.)

Made a last stop at I Deal Coffee…and found an excellent lit magazine, SubTerrain. (I love its tagline: “Strong words for a polite nation.)

My parents came to help me bring some of my belongings home. Dad and I took advantage of the perfect weather and went on a speedy bike ride to the Deschenes Rapids.

Happy cycling face!

I also ate lots of Market Organics. They have this great sprouted salad with tofu called “IT’S ALIVE!”.

Goodbye lovely Ottawa – I hope to reunite with you soon!



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