hey good cooking

There used to be a restaurant around the corner from where I live in Toronto called “Hey Good Cooking” and I’ve only just realized it was a play on “Hey Good Looking”. Wow, I’m smart. Anyway, if I ever open a cafe it will be sure to have an extraordinarily punny name. Ideas?

So I’m back at home for the time being and have just started courses for my Master’s program. It feels so strange to be a grad student just down the street from high school! I’m quite enjoying the U of  T campus though – far superior to Waterloo’s, I must say. (For the record, I AM searching for an apartment but people aren’t kidding when they say how hard it is to find a non-basement, affordable place near downtown.)

Moving on, home kitchen equals actual cooking and baking again! Tonight’s dinner: Israeli couscous with curried vegetables and tofu. You know it’s a success when your staunchly omnivorous father actually eats tofu!

Simple quinoa, chickpea and veggie salad. I finally developed a taste for radishes working on the farm last summer and they really add a nice crunch to cold salads.

Cooked breakfast = luxury breakfast! My earliest classes are at 10 so I have a little more time in the morning to prepare more than just cereal (although I will never stop loving cereal).

Baking wise, I’m all about the crumble these days. Minimal effort, maximum deliciousness! This one was mixed berries with a walnut oat topping:

And this one is strawberry, raspberry, and peach with the same topping but with pecans. I thought peaches and pecans would go well together…maybe Paula Deen would approve?


Did not get the crumble to fruit ratio quite right, evidently. But it was a good try.






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