out on the spit

I love the busy-ness of downtown TO but it is very necessary to get to someplace quiet once in a while!

Bike rides to Cherry Beach and the Leslie Street Spit are always a good idea [also, I love being in a program where people share an appreciation of these unique urban/natural spaces].

Flourishing wildflowers and bare trees [blame the cormorants].

It looks almost tropical to me.


Sculptures made from discarded building materials.

Tentacles! Rusty monsters emerged from the deep!

Creatures of brick; recipients of left-behind gloves.

Uh what is this curious collection of satellite dishes and transmission towers?

Favourite things: plants, velo, water, skyline.

An angry face – look out the window, funny man, there are beautiful things!

Some geography and planning students did a nice group bike ride to Cherry Beach. What sparkling water!

J’admire les sportifs qui font de la voile.

This was maybe on a different day. I’ve been biking here a lot. It’s actually only ~30 min away from home even though it feels much further removed.

Returning on the east side of the Don River, one must stop at either the Rooster or Broadview Espresso. Mm americano and reading about beer!

You know how to make complicated philosophical readings enjoyable? Do them in the park under a tree. Afternoon sunshine makes thinking easier.







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