jump around

I have rediscovered the joys of working out as procrastination…it’s about time! There is nothing quite like an intense elliptical workout/outdoor jog followed by silly dancing to 90s pop hits to take one’s mind off looming term papers (on the bright side, I seem to still be able to write a decent proposal; let’s hope I can continue along this trajectory when the BIG projects come along).

Another great putting-off-research tactic is watching clips from Jian Ghomeshi’s QTV! Like this gem of a time when Billy Bob Thonton acted like a complete dimwit/arsehole. Poor Jian!

Oddly enough despite way more kitchen access than I had this summer, I haven’t been cooking or baking that much. However, some good things have recently come off the stove/out of the oven…

Lemon blueberry loaf (for a friend’s Birthday):

Chai-spiced pumpkin pie!

Tempeh stir-fry:

Spelt, tofu, and vegetable salad (substituting crumbled herb tofu for feta actually worked really well):

Quinoa chickpea salad with avocado dill dressing – I KNOW those green globs look horrifying but it actually tasted incredible. Go look it up in How It All Vegan if you have it!

Besides making food at home, I’ve also started volunteering at a co-operatively run student cafe called Harvest Noon (you can find it inside the Graduate Students’  Union Building at 16 Bancroft Ave.). It seems like a neat place and I’m looking forward to meeting more volunteers. I do miss hanging out at the Environment Coffee Shop at Waterloo though. Can’t beat those vibes!

I will end this off with some photos from a bike ride with my dad to the Toronto Islands a couple of weeks ago. I am already missing warm-weather cycling but do plan on making some trips out to Ward’s Island in the colder months when all is quiet and still!

Father watching the boats:

Three-masted schooner!

We stopped by the Island Cafe where I admired the giant sunflowers and muskoka benches.

So long, summer sun!


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