a little mishmash


I am taking a break from reading about congestion charges and minimum parking requirements (not my favourite part of this transportation policy course but it’s important for sure!) and wanted to share some of my recent baking endeavours.

I made this pumpkin cranberry walnut loaf to use the remainder of the pumpkin from Thanksgiving. It was pretty good and hearty! I probably shouldn’t have used grated apple to substitute for oil, though, as the texture was kind of mushy. I must try to follow recipes exactly once in a while.

Next we have Mrs. Fields’ oatmeal cookies with walnuts, dried cranberries, dried BLUEBERRIES (exciting), and semisweet chocolate chips. Pretty decadent.

And that would be my new Jamie Oliver cookbook in the background. My friend won tickets to see him speak at Massey Hall on Friday and kindly asked me to come along! He was quite entertaining in that charming British way (and talked a lot about funnily- shaped vegetables) and now I’m looking forward to delving into this beautiful cookbook.

Nice and chewy. I actually haven’t been eating a lot of sweets lately (except for a lot of dark chocolate…a very important part of the student diet!) so it was nice to actually eat a mid-afternoon cookie.

A couple of other meals…

Another round of spelt, tofu, and vegetable salad with Harvest Noon bread, eaten on a perfect autumn afternoon in Trinity Bellwoods.

I’ve also been making frequent trips to High Park to take in the fresh air and glorious colours.

Finally, a bad photo of a delicious dinner – curried veg and crumbled tofu with coconut milk. I was take better photos next time!

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