foods of fall

Hahaaa the pattern continues. First two months of fall term, I spend a lot of time outside being carefree, cycling and going for walks in lovely places, doing course readings and small assignments but generally putting off difficult work.

November rolls around, term papers loom, and all I want to do is spend time in the kitchen, listen to classical 96.3FM, hang about in cafes with friends and talk about life goals (I must become a critical geographer!), read comics in bed, and generally be kind of lazy.

Oh well, could be worse. I have made at least a bit of progress on all my final assignments and have some nice cooking and baking to share…

Wheat berry and delicata squash salad:

(Eaten with chive pancake – random combination but it worked.)

Vegetables and tempeh with curried almond butter sauce:

Banana almond butter breakfast cookies from Sweet Potato Chronicles – with a couple of extra additions as I have the tendency to pack just about every baking ingredient I can find into cookies:

Finalement, avocado banana bread from Oven Love:

Dang, this was good! Might just be my new go-to banana bread recipe.

Oh yah I made a new 8tracks playlist called, appropriately, “Rain for days”. Listen and tell me what you think 🙂

Cute raccoon hiding behind our maple tree says PEACE!

4 thoughts on “foods of fall

    • Oh, excellent! I will have to hunt you down in a few weeks when I emerge from this cave of term paper writing. Which general area are you residing in, if you don’t mind me asking?

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