sad fish happy fish

Days like this are the best. Thank you mother nature for sunshine and autumn foliage.

This morning was kind of annoying (sad fish face!). BUT there’s nothing like some intense dishwashing at Harvest Noon (I’m not kidding, washing dishes is very soothing for me, plus the people there are awesome!), a nice bike ride, park reading sesh, and productive seminar preparation to improves one’s mood.

I’ve been cooking up a few good things here and there…

Spicy chickpeas and mashed sweet potato:

More squash, carrot, and wheatberry salad:

Zucchini & apple bread:

Oh yah, I forgot how delicious overnight oats are (or rather, Bob’s multi-grain cereal):

Peppy autumn walk soundtrack currently involves…

– um what is happening in this video?

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