wind at my back

I tell you, biking on a nice sunny, breezy day is the ultimate cure for blue moods. That, and new music!

This tune especially:

I am so predictable in my musical preferences. Summer = electronic dancey fun. Winter = introspective folk tunes evocative of rivers and mountains (or, like, Lake Ontario and Riverdale Park to be specific).

Well don’t I look thoughtful?

All you need for a nice Sunday afternoon is a beach, a bike, and some books (also beer, but alas, none to be had today).

One of the best bike paths. The trees shield you a bit from the wind.

I was also in the Christie Pits area. The hill is an excellent spot to practice for seminar presentations! Just pretend you are speaking with the trees, Cat Power-style.

Also to eat a massive ginger cookie (from my current favourite cafe/sudy spot, El Cafecito) and drink tea in my ever-so-stylish LL Bean mug.

Sorry about these horribly blurry photos. My phone camera has “issues”! A couple of other spots on the way home:

A store full of (relatively) unecessary but pretty things.


Sunset comes too early!

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