ginger x3

I am getting loopy from endless paper-writing…three down, one to go! Thankfully I chose a reasonably agreeable topic to research for this last one – regional transportation planning in Portland, OR – which makes the process more bearable. Just four pages a day, I can do this! (Whether or not it makes sense in the end is another story…)

I got a nice break from schoolwork today with a COOKIE SWAP at Harvest Noon – oh man, so many delicious baked goods. Lemon lavender shortbread, raw chocolate espresso things, snickerdoodles, red wine and sesame cookies (what?!) and lots more that I can’t remember.

Let’s just say I’m going to enjoy some intense workouts after my last deadline! I was seriously doing so well with using the elliptical and jogging until the end of October, and then school stress got the better of me and I stopped prioritzing it (I know, boooooexcuses). At least I’ve still been walking and cycling everywhere (although that’s mainly just ’cause I’m too cheap to take transit).

Anyway, enough talk. Here are the super gingery ginger snaps I made. They have ginger in three forms: powdered, fresh grated, and crystallized:


Recipe from Healthy Happy Life (I just added bits of crystallized ginger on top).DSCF5690





Stack ’em up!


All boxed up and ready to depart.


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