school’z out

For now, at least! I am proud to say I handed in all my term papers on time, and respected the page limit. It’ll be nice to take a little break for schoolwork and spend more time the kitchen, on the bike (provided precipation remains at a minimum), and like, actually going out once in a while (in fact, I am headed to the Tranzac as soon as I finish typing this for what promises to be a night full of strange electronic sounds).


Decembrrrrr? More like Decembalmy! Well, at least mild enough to sit on the Rooster patio for some hot lemon cider (sounds odd but it’s kind of like hot lemonade).


Best east end café!Image

Cycle shop at Gerrard and Howland:Image

Lovely bakery; oh man do they make good scones!Image



St John the Compassionate Mission is next door:Image

I like that many of Toronto’s parks have neat statues.Image

A nice, healthy veggie dinner – Chinese noodles with stir-fried tofu, bell pepper, broccoli, grated carrot, and peas with curry paste and tamari:Image


All right, time to hear some noise! Good night!




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