luxury breakfast

I literally had RIEN to do all day so I decided to make a nice, more-time-consuming-than-usual breakfast after my workout.


Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes from the Daily Garnish, with some craisins for good measure! I halved the recipe and it made about nine small pancakes.


No, I did not eat ALL of the pancakes. A bunch went into the freezer for later.


They have a really nice, hearty pumpkin flavour. A little spicy, and not too sweet.


My flipping skills, as usual, leave something to be desired. I blame it on not having a proper griddle.


Now that I am back to my elliptical and yoga routine, it was time for some new tunes (courtesy of 8tracks and this supa doopa list from Line of Best Fit):

Wings [HAERTS]

How Will I Know/All That We Had is Lost [Postiljonen] – gotta love the video for this one!

Follow Me [Memory Tapes]

Prolapse [Autocade]

Echoes [Washed Out]



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