week one done

Second term is off to a decent start! I was a bit shocked to find out there are PhD students FROM FRANCE in the graduate french lit seminar I’m enrolled in…which makes me nervous and somewhat incompetent as I’m the only student from outside the French department and clearly not a francophone. I will stick with it for at least one more week…but if I don’t feel confident enough to speak often, it’s not worth it, right?

Other than that, I’m taking two required planning courses, and two electives, transportation and urban form (fave subject!!) and declining cities.

Onto SRA BAKING NEWS: can’t stop, won’t stop with the vegan ginger molasses cookies. I hate wasting baking ingredients (well, food in general) and these cookies are a good way to use up molasses, Earth Balance, and fresh ginger. Recipe from ICI.




Another baking repetition: the Veganomicon’s carrot pineapple sunshine muffins! They are a hit with my parents. I like that they’re quite heavy on the fruit and veg (grated carrot, canned pineapple, and orange zest).





I also make dinner-type things occasionally…haha. My baking aptitudes definitely surpass my cooking skills. This was a random creation of red lentils, sweet potato, papper, spainch, and various spices. Like a dahl, but not nearly as good…



Next time I should probably use a recipe (also red lentils get so mushy…it’s all about PUY lentils now).


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