pie. and dip. and muffins. and SNOW!

Hey, I made dinner and it wasn’t in a bowl-full-of-veggies-and-grains format! Whoopwhoop.


Shepherd’s Pie from How It All Vegan. Obviously not so vegan with the addition of cheese on top.

I also made some dill-icious avocado-tofu dip. Dang this stuff is good, even though it may be a bit scary-looking to the uninitiated. Image


I used it to make this rather scrumptious meal:


Wheatberries, sweet potato, grated carrot, fake chicken, and green sauce. Brain food for confusing mess of a stats assignment.


Yet another batch of pineapple carrot muffins. Mother assisted with the “photoshoot”!





It’s a snowy wonderland out there. Skating/tobogganing/general frolicking best be happening this weekend!



One thought on “pie. and dip. and muffins. and SNOW!

  1. I’m not a shephard’s pie fan but daaaang does that version look good! And that sweet potato dill-dip covered meal, wowza. Now that’s a power meal right there.
    I was craving some definite tobogganing today, it was so gorgeous out! I hope you got in some good winter activity-ing this weekend!

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