another magical green sauce

This tangy green creation will spice up just about any salad.


Dill tahini sauce from the mighty Veganomicon:


Bowls full of grains/veggies are my fave. Wheaberries, sweet potato, golden beets, grated carrot, and bits of falafel:



Sorry about the icky photos. I want to show my weird (yet delicious) veg creations but they always look just awful.


Another Veganomicon recipe I tried recently was banana date scones. They were more muffiny than sconey in texture but I loved the sweet banana/date and hearty walnut/flax/whole wheat flour combination.Image

I just dropped lumps of dough on a cookie sheet. Next time I will attempt to shape them better!



Speaking of scones, I just found this fantastic blog called Get Sconed written by a Portlander. Obviously, I am enamoured! Also, I am most likely going to Portland this June….BYAYYYY. I hope somebody gets that reference.

I also made more carrot pineapple muffins (what’s new, right) for my parents to bring on the airplane. Airplane snacks are key.


I did keep a few around for moi-même.Image


Zombie muffin prepares to attack its compadres! I am reading an article about “zombie properties” in the context of urban decline and it’s bringing out all sorts of strange images in my mind.

Here is some nice music to accompany such readings:

Washed Out – Soft

Vox Mod ft. Palaceer Lazaro – Iridescent Asteroid Mists 

Young Galaxy – Fall For You 


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