on y go bientôt

A few things I have been making in the Bradley kitch…


Carrot-zucchini-apple muffins. So much produce.




Curiously bright green sauce!


Parsley-tahini sauce (adapted from a Veganomicon recipe). Just about ANYTHING tastes good dipped in this. Rice crackers, veggie sticks, roasted potatoes, strawberries? Hahahaha no.

Wednesday dinner for la famille: basic chili from How It All Vegan. I added a bunch of extra stuff including roasted pepper, celery, and soy ground round.


NOT the most flattering lighting.

I am moving to Ottawa for the summer in a week, which is exciting, but I will miss new friends, biking in Toronto, and cooking at home/family dinners. I really dislike eating alone /:(

Sad fish face.

BUT pretty stoked to be a geeky cycling advocate again!


Some good paper-writing music (so close! just 1.5 more to go):




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