I’m feeling listy (and somewhat listless!).

Reading: Petite philosophie du vélo (Bernard Chambaz); Walking Home (Ken Greenberg) 

Listening to: 8tracks summer festival playlists! Always get back into these when I start working full-time again =)

Cooking: Soba noodle and veggie stirfry with spicy almond butter sauce…addictively good. Almost good enough to curb my bad habit of spending a ton of money on Market Organics prepared salads.

Cycling: the Rideau River Eastern Pathway from 24 Sussex to Hog’s Back. Such a nice, tranquil ride; much less crowded than the Canal or Ottawa River pathways. 

Drinking coffee at: I Deal Coffee on Dalhousie. Pretty no frills, but for some reason I love their little patio. Great eavesdropping opportunities abound. 


All in all, I am happy to be back in Ottawa. It’s amazing what being productive and enjoying one’s job can do for the psyche! I’m sleeping better, smiling more, and generally feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile – a feeling that can be hard to come by as a grad student…harhar. 


Cycling around the streets and pathways of Ottawa with this trailer is so much fun (except when faced with that painful hill on Somerset…owmylegs).



Early evening rides to the Arboretum are good to clear the head (I have been having some bizarre dreams – like having psychosomatic pregnancy?! How the heck do these ideas get planted in my head?).






I plan on discovering MOAR of the city (and country) by bike this summer so I’ll hopefully be updating soon with two-wheeled adventures to speak of. 

2 thoughts on “velocipedist

    • & Glad to hear/see that Ottawa welcomed you back into its arms (more like you embraced that city once again) & are having a nice summer start!

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