a lovely little sunday loop

Some recent views from the bike paths…

Lac Leamy – first time here since when I lived (briefly) in Gatineau! SO PRETTY.



Kind of into these funny little underpasses.



Interesting bridge over the Rideau River heading to New Edinburgh. I always bike past 24 Sussex admire the giant expanse of lawn. I never see a soul, though.


Rideau River near Bank St.:


Spotted some kayakers!



Grasses swaying in the water at Mooney’s Bay. Lovely place to sit amongst the trees and listen to some chilllzzzwavezzz.


Ended up doing a nice, leisurely 30km loop, through the market (with a stop at I Deal Coffee, of course), south along the Rideau River, past Hog’s Back to Mooney’s Bay, and then north along the Canal back to Centretown.

Looking forward to some longer rides in the coming weeks…maybe on a new bike! I am dreaming of this guy…might just have to shell out for a Birthday present to myself =)



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