sunday bikeday

First long-ish Sunday ride today: 59km 

Rode to work to try to find a bike pump (failed), then across Portage, all the way west to the Aylmer Marina, back across Champlain Bridge, down the O-Train Pathway to Carling, and back home along the canal. SOLID.

I felt pretty sluggish at times, but I’m going to blame that partially on my heavy hybrid bicycle, and the fact that it was quite hot out and I didn’t bring enough water (why are there apparently no functional water fountains along the Route Verte?? Am I just missing them?).

I am pretty pumped about finally getting a road bike! Finally bit the bullet and bought a proper one (Bianchi), refurbished by the geniuses at Cycle Salvation. Hopefully it’ll make longer rides FASTER and easier. 

I recently made a brief trip to Portland, OR with my mama. It was lovely to have a few days off work to relax, walk, bike, go to galleries, eat delicious vegan food, and enjoy all the weirdness that city has to offer. I must have accumulated some bad air travel karma though, ’cause both of my flights were significantly delayed. Coming back, I got bumped and ended up arriving the morning after I was scheduled to. Going straight to work after arriving from the airport was fun =S

HENYWAY, could be worse. Photos to come! For now, some scenes from the Experimental Farm in Ottawa:


Ceci n’est pas une vache sans tête. 



I am off to Stella Luna for half-price gelato…heck yes. Canada Day Fireworks and hopefully some beaching will happen tomorrow! 


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