mumble mumble

I have not been cooking or baking much this summer (been fairly busy with work and weekend travels) but there is always time to make CRUMBLE.


I’ve been basing my creations on this recipe from Foodie Crush – simple and delicious.

This one had Granny Smith apples, mixed berries, and lots of lemon juice for tartness.

crumble 2

I added walnuts and pepitas to the topping for a little oomph.

Next on the agenda: stone fruit crumble! I work near the Byward Market and live near the Parkdale Market but for some reason rarely go to either. It is high time I peruse the fruit stands for some peaches and plums!

On another note: Montreal has some pretty sweet planner-y views.

view from rosemont


view from rosemont 2

It’s all about layers.



bernard ouest

Hopefully I’ll be back there in a couple of weeks!

I go through phases of listening to the same ol’ tunes and furiously digging through music blogs for new ones. Right now, the latter.

Here is a grooving songue by Jessy Lanza:


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