what’s cookin’

A little of this, a little of that.


Citrus-raisin scones for a British friend’s Birthday:


I have a hard time with getting the right texture with scones (haven’t mastered the deft kneading hands), but I think these turned out all right! A bit mushy in the middle, though.


I followed this recipe from Pinch of Yum and just added raisins. So creative, right? (Not.)


Chocolate Birthday cake for le papa (dim lighting situation, oops):


It got attacked pretty quickly.



I rarely buy eggs (or cheese, for that matter) when living alone but I do like a good eggy breakfast once in a while when I have access to my parents’ kitchen. I also made a super-green sauce (dill, avocado, tahini, lemon juice) which is good for spreading on just about anything. Mary’s Jalapeno Crackers also make a good dipping vessel.


Veg dumpling bowl! A classic in our house.


Dinner for the fam: veg stir-fry with allll the vegetables + tofu + curried almond butter sauce, based on this recipe from Best Health. Couscous underneath. Again, terrible lighting but it was a winner!


How green is 2 green? ACK. I am enjoying simple, grassy-looking, smoothies made with whichever greens we have (spinach/kale/chard) + banana + almond milk + ice. C’est tout.


Early autumn weather here in Toronto has been divine. I’m taking advantage of it by spending as much time outdoors as possible – cycling, doing readings, scribbling in the ol’ notebook, and eating gelato, derrr.


Ed’s Real Scoop is my #1. Blood orange and chili chocolate (along with my favourite bag, recently acquired in Portland):


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