cha cha chai

Frothy almond milk + vanilla agave + loose leaf chai = evening drink of champions Uh huh I need a living room table. For now, the floor shall suffice! Pumpkin oatmeal will always be my autumn breakfast #1, but apple oatmeal with sunflower seed butter and plenty of cinnamon ranks a close second. I think […]


Possible my favourite spanish word to say: NARANJA (meaning orange)! I have been eating mucha comida naranja lately, such as pumpkin oatmeal: Roasted acorn squash n sweet potatoes: Besides foods with vibrant orange hues, I am quite enamoured of salads lately… Since I no longer have a gym membership here (good riddance, Goodlife!),┬ámy exercise plan […]

get a move on!

Well, my all-too-brief stay at home in Toronto is is coming to an end. Tomorrow I move back to Waterloo for my final term as an undergrad!! Today was a beautiful last summer day in the city. I biked all over the place, went to the beach, read two daily papers, listened to great tunes […]


Today is my dad’s sixtieth Birthday! We are having a proper celebration next weekend, but I made a dense and intense chocolate cake for our mini celebration.     You really can’t go wrong with deep, dark chocolate (A LOT of Baker’s unsweetened squares were involved). Right, Hannah? Of course, the berries weren’t as good […]

more ‘couver

Back in Toronto now, but I wanted to finish posting my Vancouver photos! Kitsilano Beach – don’t think I’ve ever seen a swimming pool right on the ocean The classic feet on the rocks shot: Olivia and I procured these monsters from an “art dispenser” – not bad for $2! Stand-up paddleboarders sighting: A funny […]