brown rice…is nice

Finally made a brown rice breakfast bowl, as seen on one of my favourite food blogs, Running to Slow Things Down. I followed her recipe, except I used 3/4 c brown rice and 3 Tbsp soymilk. Topped mine with a handful of frozen raspberries, pumpkin seeds, and a few walnut pieces. VERY GOOD! Possibly my new […]


Cold days + tiredness + idle hands = knitting time! I still only know how to make scarves, but I’ve been experimenting with some different stitch patterns. Working on this one at the moment – Image from: Unfortunately it’s not turning out as nicely as in the picture! *** I’ve been eating some delicious (although […]


Today was the perfect restful day for recovering from a nasty cold! The essential components: 1. slept in 2. made a big bowl of pumpkin multi-grain cereal for brunch 2. walked in the sunshine while admiring the sparkling ottawa river 3. watched harry p the 7th! 4.  chilled in Bridgehead with a soy chai latte, […]

i’m a poet.

Didja know it? Really not at all, but I have been getting back on the limerick train. Here’s one, inspired by my brie consumption on the weekend (I still don’t really like it, but I’m trying’). there once was a small chunk of brie who wanted to live and break free, but- hopping onto a […]

of montreal

So the somewhat-spontaneous trip to Montreal this weekend turned out swimmingly – twas a welcome break from work and schoolwork, and I got to wander to my heart’s content, meet some new people, go to Expozine (an awesome annual ‘zine fair), purchase some vintage wares, and cook and eat some great food! I also got […]


Remembrance Day. Image from Interesting article: The changing face of Canadian veterans *** Brinner = Breakfast for dinner! Never gets old. A couple of friends came over yesterday for brinner and beer, to celebrate our day off today (we are all federal employees so we get Remembrance Day off work). Pumpkin french toast = yes, […]


I was enlisted to help bake some cookies for my friend’s office, and I figured gingersnaps were a good autumn cookie and universally liked- hope I wasn’t mistaken! Anyway, you cannot go wrong with red sprinkles, right? A conglomeration of monster cookies! Recipe, slightly adapted from Joy of Baking: 3/4 c salted butter, room temp […]


I have been eating a very lentil-heavy diet lately, which is gooooooood I think!! They are delicious, versatile, filling and don’t make my stomach hurt. Ch-ch-ch-check out what I made for dinner tonight! Finally got around to squash-experimentation (I’ve never cooked squash before): Turned out well! Just added some olive oil and chili seasoning. The […]

hibernation time!

I exaggerate, but it has been unseasonably frosty outside – looks like we won’t get a lovely 20+0C spell like last November 😦 Whaddaya do when temps starts to drop below zero? Make soup, bien sur! Thai sweet potato soup with coconut milk (added carrots and broccoli to the recipe) – made with the help […]