lazy daze

I’m feeling much less stressed out now that I’ve committed to doing grad school in September. I still haven’t found a spring/summer job, but I’m just relaxin’ at home in Toronto for a few days before jumping back into the joy that is job-hunting. A nice spring Sunday in Trinity Bellwoods (riding an ancient mountain […]

big sigh of relief

WHEW, I got into graduate school after all! Thank the academic god(esse)s! I will be doing a Masters of Science in Planning at the University of Toronto starting this autumn…sounds kinda neat, right? It’s just a huge relief to have some sort of plan for the next two years, since I’ve been floundering a bit […]

biking and blahs

I haven’t cooked anything interesting in a while, but I HAVE been spending lots of time on la bicyclette. Very good. I am continuing my streak of mad reading…this book is wonderful so far. I read a LOT of novels about immigrants in Toronto, I realize. Reading outdoor/travel mags only seems appropriate in weather like […]

retour du vélo

Look who is back in my life! Mon cher vélo, tu m’as manqué! I just did a quick ride around Uptown, picked up some organic veggies, and ended up in Waterloo Park with an old issue of Momentum (GREAT magazine for recreational/commuter/serious cyclists). Divine. I have been indulging my inner child with this Indie Rock […]

thrifty mcgee

Fruitful visits to the thrift store make me pleased. For about $10, I procured a lovely bird plate and pair of earrings: …and a solid pair of brown boots that fit my oddly-shaped feet! I wish the toe was a bit pointier, but overall a great find! KW > Toronto when it comes to affordable […]

pancakes for one

…are always depressing, because having breakfast with you was such fun! [Of Montreal] Just kiddin’; how could pancakes ever be depressing? Recipe from The Baking Stone (I added 1/4 c walnuts). I opted for sliced banana, unsweetened coconut, and birch maple syrup for toppings. How indulgent! These are pancakes of the hearty variety, which was exactly what […]