west coast love

Well I must say, San Francisco is quite the photogenic city! I felt obliged to whip out my camera practically every time we turned a bend or scaled one of those quad-busting hills…amazing. And so the photographic recap begins! Pre-travel egg and veggie burger scramble (this was shortly before I realized that I’d left my […]

SF! So Fun!

Ahhh escape! I am flying to San Francisco in two days, joining some friends for Reading Week. Saying I feel jammed in a rut at the moment would be an understatement (am I allowed to have senioritis even if I don’t graduate ’til December?), so I am SUPER looking forward to some sun, art, music, […]

double down dog!

New favourite yoga pose: Image from feelgoodyogavictoria.com Double downward dog! Such a good stretch and shoulder strengthener. Much healthier than this, methinks! I’ve really been enjoying POWERFUL ashtanga practice – I can feel myself becoming a little stronger each week, especially in my upper body. *** Tried out another muffin recipe from Vegan with a […]

craft withdrawal

I have been utterly uncreative lately…must reintroduce some arts & crafts into my life. Shall I collage? Sew more felt skulls onto mittens? Or just doodle? I did write a not-completely-hopeless (I hope…) poem for a creative writing workshop, though! Check it- Neighbourhood Watch Fluttering hands alternate with balled fists. Wispy white hair frames his […]


Forgot to post the few photos I took of Sunday’s deeelicious brunch gathering – Mini quiche, a lonely piece of veggie bacon, spinach roll, scrambled tofu, brioche, and fruta! I ❤ BRUNCH. A A nice assortment of mugs for coffee and tea Some streetscape shots – Uptown looks quite pretty in the snow, doesn’t it? […]