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Crunch time is upon us! And all I wanna do is bakebakebake. Plus spring has suddenly arrive and long bike rides are calling my name. After Thursday I can relax a bit but until then, must finish two papers and “large amounts of useless data” assignment…woof! Round One: Gorilla cookies from Wanda’s Pie in the […]


Oh hey, we’ve got some snowy happiness in Toronto! Rooster, my #1 weekend coffee spot! I have been enjoying cold-weather walks around Riverdale, High Park, and the ravines near  where we live. Thinking of heading to Ward’s Island next weekend, perhaps avec mes patins! *** I made some very gingery ginger snaps for a friend […]

snow and sleep and bake!

It’s snowing outside, the family is together, and I am in the mood for skating, tobogganing, winter walks, and baking various sweets, duh. I have also been sleeping so much better than usual – yey! Vegan ginger snaps:  Look at those big chunks of crystallized ginger.     I gave some away to friends and […]

ginger x3

I am getting loopy from endless paper-writing…three down, one to go! Thankfully I chose a reasonably agreeable topic to research for this last one – regional transportation planning in Portland, OR – which makes the process more bearable. Just four pages a day, I can do this! (Whether or not it makes sense in the […]

a little mishmash

Greetings! I am taking a break from reading about congestion charges and minimum parking requirements (not my favourite part of this transportation policy course but it’s important for sure!) and wanted to share some of my recent baking endeavours. I made this pumpkin cranberry walnut loaf to use the remainder of the pumpkin from Thanksgiving. […]

boredom baking

Boredom bakin’ Dancing, shakin’ Cookie makin’ For the takin’ Right, good thing I’m not in a creative writing course at the moment. I refuse to let my unsulfured molasses go to waste, so sorry to be boring, but here are MOAR gingersnaps! Half with red sprinkles, half with a chocolate centre. I have a cookies-for-laundry […]